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Interest Rate Risk/Asset Liability Management for Credit Unions

Part One – “Back to Basics”

Interest rate risk is the most significant risk the credit union industry is facing according to the NCUA. The first installment of our webinar series will focus on the fundamental concepts of interest rate risk (IRR) and asset liability management (ALM). You will also learn the policies, procedures and internal controls necessary to help you monitor compliance.

This webinar is for CEOs, CFOs, Boards of Directors and those who are involved in the ALM/IRR oversight process.


  • Discuss key terms and provide an overview of the ALM process
  • Address ALM measurements, including GAP Analysis, Income Simulations and Net Economic Value Analysis
  • Highlight common red flags in IRR and ALM
  • Discuss internal controls and monitoring tools to measure and assess ALM compliance



Lisa B. Boylen, CPA of FCCCU Harvey Johnson of PBMares

Lisa B. Boylen, CPA
Senior ALM Analyst
First Carolina Corporate Credit Union

Harvey L. Johnson, CPA, CGMA
PBMares, LLP


Sponsored by PBMares and FCCCU