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Cybersecurity: Minimizing a Big Threat for Small Businesses


With more than 75% of all security breaches occurring at businesses with less than 200 employees, Cybersecurity is becoming a major risk initiative for owners of small businesses.  As the nature and sophistication of cyber-attacks evolve daily, small businesses are often struggling to find the resources and expertise to properly protect their organization from cyber breaches.

Cybersecurity: Minimizing a Big Threat for Small Businesses outlines current trends in Cybersecurity, common vulnerabilities at small businesses, and how small businesses are deploying the limited resources they have to protect their organization.


  • What are the current trends in Cybersecurity
  • Which industries are being targeted and why
  • What hackers are looking for
  • What types of cyber-attacks have what impact
  • Why Cybersecurity is a major problem for small businesses
  • What small businesses can do to help prevent a Cybersecurity breach
  • What to do when a breach happens




Harvey Johnson, CPA, Partner
PBMares, LLP